Causes Of Red And Itchy Bumps On The Legs?

Illustration of Causes Of Red And Itchy Bumps On The Legs?
Illustration: Causes Of Red And Itchy Bumps On The Legs?

Hello, I want to ask you 2x a year there are 2x I itches on the legs and red bumps. Initially 1 cm but it spreads out there could be 3 or 4, mostly in the legs, sometimes on the hands too but only 1, on the thighs there are also 3 red bumps, why is this? What are hives? I itch like this every 6 months, the bumps are quite long there a week, maybe it doesn’t itch again but it turns black, it’s 6 months like this again when I lived in my house, I didn’t use it in my boarding house, what effect is the AC too? I am confused why the bumps are mostly on the legs

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Hello Sakinah, Thank you for the question.

Does this complaint occur in both legs or only one leg? Complaints of an itchy red rash on the legs can be caused by the following conditions:

contact dermatitis
insect bites

To ascertain the cause of this complaint, a direct examination by a doctor is needed when you experience this complaint. In addition to asking further about your complaint, doctors need to directly examine this red rash to determine the cause. Further treatment will be given by the doctor according to the medical condition that underlies these symptoms.

You can do the following suggestions:

avoid scratching the itchy area
use salicylic powder or calamine lotion to relieve itching
identify triggers such as exposure to animal hair, dust, consumption of seafood, consumption of protein foods (eg eggs, milk), cold air. After understanding the trigger please avoid it
always wash bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters regularly
Dry your mattress in the sun regularly
always wear footwear when traveling outside the house

Hope this information is useful.

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