Causes Of Red Eyes Accompanied By Brushing?

Illustration of Causes Of Red Eyes Accompanied By Brushing?
Illustration: Causes Of Red Eyes Accompanied By Brushing?

Good evening r nI want to ask r nI have a sore eye, 1 week it feels like something is stuck and if I use it it looks like a long thread, and behind it is under the eye and can’t come out beside the eye, so I take it with my hand . and I checked with the doctor, only given the reco chloramphenicol drug after 1 month, still like this there was no change … and finally I checked again and complained to the doctor with the same symptoms he said it was just dry eyes because he stared too often at the computer. ..and I was given the drug cendo lyteers sodium chloride potassium chloride but still my eyes still feel stuck, sometimes red when I rub them, the belts are still like threads, and my eyes on the bottom of the sides are like clear grains, so small bullets .. what should i do? What eye pain does that include? R nThank you πŸ™‚

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Hello Bimbi,

Eye pain can be classified into several major groups of cases, namely red eye with decreased ability to see, red eye without a decrease in vision, calm eyes with a decrease in the ability to see slowly and calm eyes with a sudden decrease in the ability to see. In the case that you are experiencing, it is necessary to do a direct examination by an ophthalmologist where several examinations will be carried out starting from a physical eye examination, sharp vision examination and other necessary supporting examinations.

Red eye accompanied by blemishes can be caused by several causes such as conjunctivitis or inflammation of the lining of the front of the eye caused by viral, fungal, bacterial or allergic infections, keratitis or inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye, dry eye syndrome, and other causes. Treatment itself will be adjusted to the cause where if the cause is the fungus will be given antifungal, if the cause is a virus then an antiviral is given. For that, immediately consult an ophthalmologist to find out the cause and be given the right treatment. Try to protect your eyes by using glasses, avoid rubbing your eyes, washing your hands before and after touching your eyes, cleaning and compressing your old eyes using clean cloth and water and avoiding using soft lenses and using gadgets or exposure to screens for a long time.

May be useful,

dr. Adhi P.

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