Causes Of Red Spots On The Calves?

Illustration of Causes Of Red Spots On The Calves?
Illustration: Causes Of Red Spots On The Calves?

Hi, I want to ask my calf suddenly appear red spots like a broken blood vessel but it doesn’t itch. If you may know what is the cause? is it dangerous? and guess what disease symptoms are related to it. thank you

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What you experience may be a condition of ruptured blood vessels under the skin. This condition can be caused by a collision on the skin that causes bruising, allergic reactions, conditions due to skin degeneration processes that normally occur in elderly people, side effects of chemotherapy / radiotherapy and side effects of drugs that are taken regularly for a long time. Other more serious medical conditions are certain infectious diseases that trigger the blood vessels under the skin to break easily (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever), autoimmune conditions, leukemia, meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain), and severe infectious conditions that affect the whole body (sepsis).

If you experience this condition for more than 3 days, especially if you add other symptoms such as fever, swelling in the hands and feet / other body parts, the area where the red spots are very painful and skin patches appear on other parts of the body, you should get checked out. to the doctor. The doctor will conduct detailed questions and answers regarding your complaint, see the red spots and perform a complete physical examination. If a certain serious medical condition is suspected, your doctor may recommend investigations such as blood tests.

The best medical treatment will be tailored to your cause and condition.

The doctor will inform you of the degree of disease you are experiencing and suggest treatment steps.

While at home, stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle. Avoid activities that risk making your calf / leg bump / fall.

Read here about the explanation of Rupture of Blood Vessels under the skin.

That's the info we can share, hope it helps you.

Greetings healthy, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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