Causes Of Reddish Newborn Eyes?

Illustration of Causes Of Reddish Newborn Eyes?
Illustration: Causes Of Reddish Newborn Eyes?

Good morning, I gave birth, I want to ask if a new baby is born, and why are those eyes red? What is the effect on the vision or how? Can you lose anything with those red eyes? Thank you

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Hello Mila,

thank you for the question.

Reddish newborn's eyes are not always dangerous. Redness of this eye can occur because the baby's eyes come into contact with dry air, dust, smoke, UV rays, and other eye irritants. It could also be that your baby's eyes are reddish due to other factors, such as allergies, infections (for example due to viruses, bacteria, or fungi), foreign body entry, blocked ducts in the tear glands, and so on. Sometimes, the baby's eyes can also become red due to injury, side effects of certain medical treatments or procedures around the eyes, and many other possible triggers.

If you are worried, you can check your baby directly to the doctor, pediatrician, or eye doctor. Through direct examination, of course doctors are able to distinguish which conditions are mild and which are dangerous. In this way too, your baby's condition can be handled properly according to the cause.

In the meantime, all you need to do is:

 Feed your baby breast milk to increase his endurance Before contacting the baby, make sure your body is clean, wash your hands with antiseptic soap, too limited. Take your baby out of the house, especially when the weather is hot, windy, into a polluted environment, or crowded when drying. baby, use special eye protection Give your baby gloves first, so as not to hold, rub, or prick his own eyes. Keep the environment around the baby always clean. Do not carelessly give drugs or any substance to the baby's eyes.

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