Causes Of Right-sided Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Right-sided Abdominal Pain?
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. My name is Nurul, 22 years old. I have pain in the right abdomen. Doctor’s diagnosis, previous abdominal pain in 2016 dyspepsia. Bb 49 kg, tb 147 cm. When eating, stomach pain is also hot. Difficult bowel movements, bloody stools, even if you have diarrhea. How’s that, huh? Wrong diet? Which fruit with vegetables is right for me? Thank you,

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Hello, thanks for your question.

Abdominal pain or abdominal pain without typical symptoms is often difficult to determine the cause, so it requires various investigations. Abdominal pain can be caused by diseases or disorders of the digestive tract, urinary tract, and in women it is often due to problems in the reproductive system.

Stomach pain when eating is probably caused by an ulcer on the lining of the stomach which is also called a gastric ulcer. The most common cause is infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. The presence of ulcers in the stomach is at risk for complications in the form of bleeding in the stomach which is characterized by black stools.

While bloody stools and difficulty defecating seem to be related to constipation. Constipation can be triggered by a low-fiber diet, not being active enough, not exercising enough, under the influence of certain medications, or due to a medical condition. Constipation has symptoms of dry and hard feces, so there is a risk of causing minor injuries to the anal wall and causing bleeding.

It's best to see a doctor immediately so that the symptoms don't get worse. As for the long examinations that may be needed, for example blood tests, stool analysis, X-rays, abdominal ultrasound, H. pylori bacterial tests, endoscopy, or other examinations as indicated.

The symptoms you experience may be related to your diet. Eat a complete nutritious diet regularly. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. There are no specific restrictions for the fruit and vegetables you consume, but you can try several types of vegetables and fruit such as apples, papayas, oranges, broccoli, berries, and carrots. Keep limiting spicy and oily foods. Avoid caffeine, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Here's an article that fits the topic of your question: That is the information I can convey, I hope it is useful.

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