Causes Of Right-sided Headaches?

Illustration of Causes Of Right-sided Headaches?
Illustration: Causes Of Right-sided Headaches?

Sorry, I may ask, I have had a headache for almost 1 year, right? I don’t know why the pain is getting more and more painful, until I try to see a doctor, but after giving the medicine to add blood, and when I check, I was advised for a neurologist but until now I have not yet come to him because of the economy … but before 2 days of illness that did not recur again when the 3rd day the pain returned very, and until now I do not know what causes the pain ??? Please help me

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Hello Fafa ...

Thank you for asking at, I try to help answer yes ..

Headaches can be felt in just a few parts, the part that feels pain can indicate the cause. In the right side headaches some of the causes are:

- disorders of the blood vessels in the brain

- the presence of trauma, infection or a tumor in the brain

- Chronic migraine: headaches are usually felt throbbing, accompanied by sensitivity to sound or light, the presence of nausea and vomiting.

- cluster headaches: pain felt up to the eyes, eyes can runny to red, can get one eyelid down, runny nose.

- stress and sleep disturbance and anxiety.

However, you should check your condition directly to the doctor, so that you can do a thorough physical examination, and if needed the doctor will conduct a supporting examination to confirm the diagnosis, such as CT Scan or MRI.

To avoid recurring headaches, several things you can do are to get enough rest for about 7-8 hours a day. Avoid stress or triggers for headaches, consumption of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, to meet daily water requirements of at least 2L per day. Get into the habit of regular exercise and avoid using headache pain relievers without a doctor's supervision. If the headache complaints are felt to be recurring and frequent, do not improve even after taking headache relief, there is fever, numbness in one limb. You should immediately see a doctor.

Thus my answer, hopefully it helps

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