Causes Of Right-sided Stomach Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Right-sided Stomach Pain?
Illustration: Causes Of Right-sided Stomach Pain?

.. sorry for disturbing .. I want to ask … the right side of the stomach hurts if I sign it feels like there is glamor, then I always want to urinate, also for BAK I have to ring it first so that it comes out a lot … it hurts … but already in the ultrasound normal abdomen all … already treated still sick then … Thanks in advance …

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Related to complaints of abdominal pain, it should be supplemented with some relevant information, whether the pain is continuous or aggravated by a movement or activity, whether accompanied by liquid bowel movements if it has been released how many times in 24 hours, how the pattern of pain whether disappearing or slashing or bloating, whether there are other symptoms such as fever, urination feels hot or incomplete or other symptoms that accompany or nausea, vomiting, whether there was a previous history of similarity, whether there is a history of other pain, whether there is a history of trauma to the abdominal area. Based on complaints of pain in the stomach there are several diseases that may be the cause, i.e.

Urinary tract infections or stones

Urinary tract infections are inflammation that occurs due to infection by bacteria or viruses that cause pain in the stomach, especially in the lower abdomen which is usually accompanied by symptoms of urinating feeling hot / incomplete / any-dizzy, often also accompanied by other symptoms such as fever and nausea / throw up. In urinary slauran stones is a blockage that occurs in the channel by the stone where the pain depends on where the stone is and usually the nature of the pain is lost arise depending on whether the stone is clogging the channel or not.

The appendix begins with pain around the navel associated with the nervous system that belongs to the appendix organ so that the pain is located in the initial stages around the navel and then moves to the lower right abdomen. The pain in the appendix will usually be heavy by adding pressure to the abdominal area such as being pressed from the outside, coughing, or straining. Other symptoms such as mild fever, nausea or vomiting, and decreased appetite.

Inflammation in the gallbladder usually feels dull abdominal pain in the right upper abdomen which can be extended to the right back. This pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as yellowish-colored skin or eyes, fever, nausea and vomiting.

For the exact cause you should pay attention to the signs described above and it would be better if examined by a doctor, especially if the complaints are burdensome. The level of supporting examination has a certainty of varying diagnostic certainty for each disease so that it can be re-examined or other supporting examination such as laboratory,

At the beginning to reduce pain can be used anti-pain in the form of paracetamol or ibuprofen and what is important is too

Meet the needs of fluids and have to drink enough
Maintain cleanliness of food and keep eating regularly so that nutrients remain fulfilled
Avoid irritative foods such as spicy, sour, including coffee and tea

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