Causes Of Rising Levels Of White Blood Cells?

Illustration of Causes Of Rising Levels Of White Blood Cells?
Illustration: Causes Of Rising Levels Of White Blood Cells?

Afternoon. My niece’s white blood often goes up. And is fever a sign of blood cancer?

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Hi Rita,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, whether your niece has undergone laboratory tests and concluded her white blood cells increased? What sample was used for this examination, was it blood, urine, feces, or others? How many days has he had a fever? Are there other complaints that have arisen?

White blood cells are cells that play a role in warding off infections while modulating inflammation in the body, for example when the body is allergic. Rising levels of white blood cells in the blood (leukocytosis) can occur due to many factors, for example:

Infections, such as those caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites
Inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatic fever, intestinal inflammation, and other autoimmune disorders
Malignancy, especially leukemia (blood cancer), and so on

Fever that your niece experienced indicates that inflammation is happening in her body. However, what exactly causes this inflammation needs to be further evaluated by a doctor's examination. In some cases, checking the white blood cell count (differential count) is also useful in identifying the type of disease that occurs. Especially for leukocytosis that appears to be associated with leukemia, the increase in levels found is usually very drastic. Not only recurring fever, leukemia sufferers are also often prone to infections, prone to bruising, bleeding gums, reddish skin rashes, recurrent nosebleeds, weakness, fatigue, weight loss drastically, excessive sweating, and many other complaints.

Because of the many possibilities that underlie your nephew's condition, we recommend that you take him directly to consult a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine (if he is an adult), or a pediatrician (if he is still a child) so that further treatment be given ..

I hope this helps.

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