Causes Of Runny Sperm?

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, my sperm when I masturbate when it comes out like watery tearsu003cbr /u003eis it barren?

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Sperm fluid consists of sperm cells and also fluids produced by the body's glands. Once ejaculated a man can release about 2-5 cc of sperm fluid. Normally, every cc of sperm fluid contains at least 20 million sperm cells. Watery sperm fluid can be caused by reduced sperm cell content. Some of the influencing factors include:

The frequency and distance between ejaculations, if the frequency of the more frequent and infrequent ejaculations is getting closer, the consistency of the sperm fluid can be more watery. Obesity. Smoke. Age factor. Etc. To find out whether the sperm fluid is normal or not, it can't be known only based on whether it's watery or not. Sperm analysis is required in the laboratory on the advice of a doctor. From the examination of sperm analysis, it can be known the number, movement, shape and all information of sperm cells and their fluids, whether they are healthy or not. Before performing a sperm analysis, it is usually recommended not to ejaculate for at least 7 days.

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