Causes Of Saliva Accompanied By Blood In The History Of Pulmonary TB That Has Healed?

Illustration of Causes Of Saliva Accompanied By Blood In The History Of Pulmonary TB That Has Healed?
Illustration: Causes Of Saliva Accompanied By Blood In The History Of Pulmonary TB That Has Healed?

Hello, I want to ask early in 2018 I was sentenced to suffer from pulmonary TB, and I immediately underwent TB treatment for 6 months, namely from April to October 2018, after treatment I was still consulting until February 2019, and at that time I was declared cured. 2019 I had a cold and cough with phlegm, but when it was not bleeding (before when I was diagnosed with TB I did not experience cough symptoms, positive TB results based on X-ray examination) 2019 I had a cough and runny nose which took a little more or less a week to recover, because I was afraid of history before I went back to the lung specialist at that time to check whether my previous TB had recurred again, then I ran an x-ray examination, the results were good, according to my doctor coughing and usually I still like tightness, it was because of the former TB before, so as if the wound if healed there are still scars, that’s the doctor’s explanation at this time, then early in 2020 at this time I like to start experiencing such a sore throat it scratches, but it feels like there’s phlegm that needs to be expelled but usually it has a combined OBH drug combustion, the throat is getting better, but it’s relapsing again, and there are certain times when I remove bloody saliva, at first I think if it’s just my gum, but over time a bit strange because my gums are no longer swollen (this bloody spit is less than 2 weeks, but just sometimes, not every time, and if I cough I try to check my phlegm is white, not bloody, if I don’t cough I usually spit bloody. , my question is whether my previous TB recurred? Or maybe this is a symptom of lung cancer or another illness? Please answer, because I’m a bit parno, and I don’t consult a doctor because I’m embarrassed to see a nurse because I know I have TB beforehand thanks in advance

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Hi Olivia,

Thank you for the question.

As your doctor explained, pulmonary TB (tuberculosis, spots), if handled properly, is not an incurable disease. But indeed, if the risk factors are not handled properly, this disease can recur again later. After recovering from pulmonary TB, some sufferers often still feel an uncomfortable sensation in their airways, although this does not always indicate a dangerous condition.

As for your current complaint that feels sore throat, phlegm, accompanied by bloody saliva, in addition can occur due to recurrence of your pulmonary TB, can also arise due to other reasons, for example pharyngitis, gastric acid reflux, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies, lung cancer, laryngitis throat cancer and so on. It could also be, your bloody saliva is actually not caused by disorders of the digestive tract, but because of canker sores, infections in the oral cavity, tartar, ginggivitis, or cavities.

It is difficult to ascertain the exact cause of your complaint without conducting a direct examination. However, referring to your current medical history and complaints, it seems that you do indeed need to have yourself checked by a doctor or internal medicine doctor for further examination. Not just a physical examination, sputum test, x-rays, blood tests, even endoscopy can also be done by doctors to be able to give you the best management.

In the meantime, here are our suggestions:

 Get plenty of rest Don't shout too much. Eat lots of fruit that is rich in vitamin C and drink warm water. Don't overdo eating foods that are oily, cold, take, and have artificial sweetness. Not smoking. Improve your personal hygiene (including your oral cavity) and the environment. around you Do not contact with cold, dust, smoke, pollution, and other substances that can cause your airways to become inflamed. Exercise regularly every day and live a healthy lifestyle. Do not take any medication without checking with your doctor.

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