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I want to ask, I have scoliosis but it’s been 5 months but sometimes I see my spine sticking out again. That’s why, I also rarely wear a corset if I only wear a corset for school.

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Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine is bent sideways. Scoliosis often begins to appear when a child is experiencing a period of rapid growth (growth spurt).

Most scoliosis conditions are conditions that will not go away or be cured. Only a small percentage of cases of certain types of scoliosis get better on their own without treatment. In mild scoliosis conditions that do not cause symptoms or only cause mild symptoms, usually no treatment is needed. Mild scoliosis that occurs at a growing age, usually only requires periodic monitoring to ensure that there is no worsening of bone curvature.

If there is a worsening of bone bending in mild and moderate scoliosis, therapy can be carried out in the form of a back brace, which is a device made of hard plastic that serves to hold the spine from deforming to become more severe. Meanwhile, in severe scoliosis, therapy is needed in the form of spinal surgery to reduce the symptoms experienced.

The protrusion of the bone that you see will likely always be seen because the condition of scoliosis does not go away even if you use a corset. Sometimes bony prominences can be seen more prominently in certain body positions. The corset that is given to you to use may only serve to prevent worsening of bone bending (as long as you are still growing). You should consult your doctor again if you feel that your symptoms are getting worse or your bones look more prominent than before. Use your corset according to the rules recommended by your doctor, because if used only occasionally, it is likely that the corset will not be able to prevent the deterioration of bone bending.

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