Causes Of Seizures After A Coughing Heart Sufferer?

Illustration of Causes Of Seizures After A Coughing Heart Sufferer?
Illustration: Causes Of Seizures After A Coughing Heart Sufferer?

Hello, I want to ask. These past few days, my father often experienced seizures after coughing. My father is a sufferer of coronary heart disease. What causes seizures huh ?? Is there a relationship between heart sufferers and seizures ?? If you cough until you hear like you have run out of breath and have a long enough cough, you will often have a seizure

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Seizures are disorders of electrical activity in the brain that occur abnormally and are not controlled, seizures can be caused by many factors ranging from abnormalities in the structure of the brain itself or other causes that cause interference with the brain. Need to be ascertained and further evaluated regarding the seizure complaints that you mean, ranging from seizure patterns, body movements, before the seizures occur, after the seizures and the duration of the seizures that you mean.

Generally, seizures occur briefly within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and during seizures sand is unconscious. In patients with heart disease, the most common link is when there is a failure of the heart pump that causes blood flow to the brain to be ineffective, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Related to cough complaints that occur in your father also need further evaluation related to the possible causes of coughing, ranging from coughing asthma, ppok, pneumonia, or coughing due to a buildup of fluid in the lungs associated with heart disease suffered by your father

A few things to note:

Avoid using tight clothing
Take off the necklace, bracelet and all body accessories
Avoid putting objects in the mouth when seizures

If the seizure continues, it is better for you to immediately bring your father to the nearest emergency room so that he can get the examination and management right and fast

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