Causes Of Seizures And Hysterical Screams?

Illustration of Causes Of Seizures And Hysterical Screams?
Illustration: Causes Of Seizures And Hysterical Screams?

Late night I want it …. I have a younger cousin, suddenly like seizures, just screaming like someone possessed. stiff hands all … He said if you want to come back, his head dizzy and dark u0026amp; lost consciousness. I guess it’s a medical or non-medical disease … ?? Thank you for the explanation.

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Conditions that are experienced by your cousin may be caused by neurological disorders or neurological diseases in the brain. These conditions must be ensured by neurological examination to determine the location of the disorder that occurs and the type of illness suffered.
If seizures are recurring frequently, it should be suspected of the possibility of epilepsy or other types of seizures.
Clonic tonic seizures are often known when sufferers experience "twitching" spasms, stiffness in the legs and arms, suddenly falling down, and last a few minutes. Afterward the sufferer often does not remember the event when the seizure, unconsciousness or feel dizzy and anxious after the seizure occurred.
Seizures with aura are marked by the appearance of sensations felt by the patient's body as a marker that seizures will occur. This is felt by your younger cousins, who are preceded by dizziness, vision becomes dark and lost consciousness.
Related to the condition of your younger cousin, we recommend that you do a direct examination to a neurologist for a thorough evaluation. Neurological and supportive examinations such as blood and electroencephalography (EEG) laboratories can help assess the presence or absence of abnormalities in the brain. EEG can record abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
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