Causes Of Seizures During Blood Donation?

Illustration of Causes Of Seizures During Blood Donation?
Illustration: Causes Of Seizures During Blood Donation?

Hello, I want to ask, a few months ago, I did a blood donation for the first time, there happened to be a friend of my father who needed blood at that time and I was willing to donate. 15 minutes. the effect when the transfusion took place my father’s friend had a seizure. What I want to ask is whether my blood can no longer be donated or if there are other factors that cause seizures during transfusion. Please explain because it is very unsettling for me especially. Thank you

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Hello Raras, thank you for the question for

Blood transfusion is a procedure that carries a high risk of side effects. This procedure will be performed if there are strong indications for doing so. The following are some of the risks of blood transfusion:

Allergic reactions (skin redness, itching, anaphylaxis)
fever and chills
TRALI (transfusion related acute lung injury) which causes severe shortness of breath
Acute hemolytic reactions (fever, back pain, chest pain, nausea, vomiting),
Slow hemolytic reaction
Kidney disorders
Risk of infection
and others

If there is a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), the recipient of the transfused blood can experience a drop in blood pressure that is so dangerous that it can cause seizures as well.

Although seizures may occur due to transfusion reactions, seizures may also occur due to other things that are not related to the transfusion being performed. For example, if the transfusion recipient does have a certain disease in the brain (has epilepsy, there is an infection, there is a stroke, aneurysm, etc.), or it could be if there are certain metabolic disorders (for example, there is low blood sugar, electrolyte disturbances), and so on. Even if the seizure occurs because of a transfusion reaction, it doesn't happen because something is wrong with the blood you donated. If you donate blood to someone else, that person will not necessarily have an allergic reaction to your blood and it may not necessarily have the same reaction as your father's friend.

You can still donate your blood through PMI, if there are certain things that prevent you from donating blood (for example, you have certain infections such as HIV or hepatitis) PMI will send letters or give you news.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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