Causes Of Shortness Of Breath And How To Overcome Them?

Illustration of Causes Of Shortness Of Breath And How To Overcome Them?
Illustration: Causes Of Shortness Of Breath And How To Overcome Them?

Afternoon doctor … I am 37 years old … I want to ask you when in 2014/2015 I was short of breath … I checked the doctor, I said I was asthma. Previously I never had a doctor’s asthma … Can someone with no history of asthma get a doctor’s asthma? my asthma often calls my doctor too, I don’t know what causes it, at home my husband has also stopped smoking. Continues when I exercise gymnastics if a lot of chest movements such as too much hand movements or too much excitement in my chest aches .. Do I only have Is it just a doctor’s asthma? Is it possible that I have other diseases such as lung cancer symptoms (don’t go to y …), but I have no weight loss or lack of appetite, so I don’t get tired easily. Thank you, doctor.

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Hello Anita, Thank you for the question.

Shortness of breath symptoms can be caused by various health conditions. Because of the many possible causes, to be sure, it requires examination by a doctor directly. The doctor will usually ask in more detail about your complaint, examine you, and recommend supporting tests to find out the medical condition that causes these symptoms.

Asthma is inflammation of the respiratory tract that occurs repeatedly and in a long time. This inflammation is usually accompanied by increased mucus / phlegm production, causing constriction of the respiratory tract which makes the sufferer difficult / shortness of breath. Apart from shortness of breath, sufferers can also experience coughing, chest pain, and wheezing. Asthma generally begins in childhood, but there are also those that begin when they are adults. To diagnose this condition, after asking the patient and conducting an examination, the doctor will usually carry out further tests in the form of expiratory peak flow tests, spirometry, bronchial provocation tests, allergy tests, x-rays. After you undergo the examination the new doctor can determine whether you have asthma or not.

Aside from asthma, shortness of breath can also be caused by:

lung cancer
stomach acid disease
day, heart, or kidney dysfunction
anxiety disorder

You should re-consult with a lung specialist for further tests. The doctor needs to ask you about this complaint, examine you, then do some other tests such as blood tests, ECG, X-ray, CT scan, and others. From this examination, the cause of your complaint can only be known and further handling can be determined.

For a while, please pay attention to this shortness of breath triggers and try to avoid it. Avoid smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke / dust.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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