Causes Of Shortness Of Breath That Has Been 2 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Shortness Of Breath That Has Been 2 Years?
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Afternoon. My name is Ines Natasya, I am 17 years old. Do you want to ask? It’s been about 2 years since I felt shortness of breath but before, the frequency of shortness of breath was not like now (often). My normal breathing frequency is around 18x/minute but when I inhale through my nose it seems as if the O2 to the lungs is not being met. Inhaling air from the mouth is sometimes like inhaling air through the nose (not fulfilled). When it’s tight, there’s no wheezing and my chest doesn’t hurt. Shortness of breath comes when it’s cold and when I’m stressed or having a lot of thoughts, my father also had a history of asthma as a child. Until now, I haven’t seen the doctor, I haven’t had X-rays, etc., I haven’t taken any medication for shortness of breath, but I often use eucalyptus, or something like that on my chest to keep me warm. So the question is, am I asthmatic?rnAllergies? Or what. What should I do when the shortness of breath recurs? I have not dared to take medicine because I have not been checked by a doctor. How can the tightness be reduced or cured?rnHopefully the doctor can help. Thank you

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Good morning Natasya, thanks for asking at Shortness of breath occurs when insufficient oxygen reaches the body's tissues. The tissue can be anything, it can be the heart, brain, muscles, lungs and so on. What causes shortness of breath can be of various kinds, including low environmental oxygen levels, non-patent airways, a heart that is not strong enough to pump, low blood levels, poor air exchange in the lungs, and so on.

So, to be able to know your condition, whether the disorder comes from the respiratory system, circulatory system, heart, psychological or stomach, you must see a doctor. Because all these conditions have the same symptoms but the causes and treatments are very different. Checking is important, because even the wheezing sound you mention, when it's not heard through the normal ear, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That is the importance of examination using a stethoscope.

As for the tendency, shortness of breath that appears only when the air is cold and when stressed, plus there is a family history, does lead to asthma. But you can't get asthma medication without a doctor's prescription, so again you have to take the time to see a doctor.

What you can do while you haven't seen a doctor is to avoid cold air, avoid stress, exercise or activity that is too strenuous, and consume foods or drinks that have been triggering your shortness of breath. I hope you and your family are always healthy.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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