Causes Of Soft Penis When Erect?

Illustration of Causes Of Soft Penis When Erect?
Illustration: Causes Of Soft Penis When Erect?

Excuse me, I have permission to ask … I had found my penis erect, but this time the erection was a little different where the condition of the penis which was usually hard and tense turned into a little soft like sausages. And when the penis is not erect and then gets smaller, the shaft of the penis is tense and a little hard in an erect (normal) state. I am worried, is this a symptom of impotence or not? A little note, for 2 weeks I have changed my diet (diet) quite tightly so that it makes me always feel dizzy and can suddenly shiver in the cold and then my sleep patterns become abysmally. I suspect that I have low blood pressure which results in my penis not getting maximum erection because blood flow to the penis is not optimal. That’s all, a question from me. Previously, I thank you very much.

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Hello Malik thanks for the question to

Symptoms of impotence are characterized by the following:

1. If you are married and are active in having sexual relations 2-3 times a week, within 6 months, have not yet got offspring, the possibility of infertility comes from both men and women

2. Too fast to ejaculate less than 1 minute after penetration

3. Can not erect and ejaculate

if you experience complaints, you should consult with a urology specialist, possibilities that can occur include:

1. Premature ejaculation: ejaculation that occurs less than 1 minute after penetration (entry of the penis into a woman's vagina)

2. Erectile dysfunction: erectile that is not optimal, weak, fast, not excited, unable to remove sperm (ejaculation)

3. Other disorders: psychological disorders such as being in a state of stress can cause complaints that you experience

Prevention can be done:

1. Have sexual intercourse in a healthy and regular 2-3x a week

2. Eat healthy and nutritious foods

3. Many exercising regularly 3-5 times for 30-50 minutes per time

thus hopefully useful

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