Causes Of Sore And Itchy Eyes?

Illustration of Causes Of Sore And Itchy Eyes?
Illustration: Causes Of Sore And Itchy Eyes?

Good evening .. r nThis is me with “Hangger ayu. R nHere I want to ask, in the last few days, why do my eyes often sting and then itch. R nBut this itching is as if my eyes are experiencing irritation. r n r nI often give eye medication. r nInsto eye medication. r nBut here’s why the results are still the same. r n Often itchy and itchy. r nWhat do you think about it? , my eyes often happen like this. r n r nThank you. r nGood evening

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Hello Hangger Ayu,

Thank you for asking

There are many things that cause itchy eyes other than irritation from dust and smoke. Other causes:

Allergy. Eye disease in allergy cases usually occurs seasonally due to pollen. The eyes will feel itchy, sore, and sensitive to light. Use of non-sterile contact lenses. Cosmetics. Use of cosmetics in the eye area can hit the eyeball and cause itching and burning. Dry eye syndrome or dry eye. Failure of the mebomian glands to produce eye lubricants that prevent evaporation. Blefaritis. Inflammation of the eyelids. Conjunctivitis can be accompanied by red eyes. Maintaining eye health is important to do, including by:

Not rubbing your eyes. Get enough rest. Keep contact lenses clean by changing the contact lens water every time you use it, washing your hands before and after wearing contact lenses, and not wearing contact lenses for too long. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. If the complaint is very disturbing, please consult an ophthalmologist.

Hope it can help answer the question. Thanks.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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