Causes Of Sore Nose And Dizziness

Illustration of Causes Of Sore Nose And Dizziness
Illustration: Causes Of Sore Nose And Dizziness

Initially I had a sore throat and my ears hurt. I have also just been diagnosed with suspect gerd. Slowly my stomach improved. My throat and ear aches also subsided. But now my nose is sore, but it’s not blocked. There is also no nasal discharge. It’s just sore and my head dizzy. Is this problem with my nose related to gerd and my throat problems?

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Hi Alda,

The onset of dizziness and a sore nose are not common symptoms of a person with GERD (acid reflux disease) and they are more likely to be caused by the following conditions:

Prodromal symptoms (initial symptoms) that occur before the main symptoms, this condition can be experienced when someone has a common cold or a viral infection of the respiratory tract
Nasal inflammation (allergic rhinitis)

Some disorders of the airways such as infection or inflammation of an airway (for example inflammation of the throat or inflammation of the middle ear / otitis media) can indeed spread to other parts of the respiratory tract so that the complaints you may experience are related to inflammation of the throat or nose you have experienced before.

However, this is only a conjecture and a direct examination needs to be done to ascertain the cause of your complaint, so you should see your doctor to get treatment in accordance with the conditions that cause your complaint.

The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, conduct a physical examination and supporting examinations if needed. Investigations that can be recommended by doctors are blood tests, allergy tests or x-rays. If the complaint is caused by allergic rhinitis, the doctor can prescribe hypo-allergenic and anti-irritants if necessary. If the complaint is caused by prodromal symptoms, the doctor generally only prescribes symptomatic drugs (according to symptoms) to treat your complaint.

The following recommendations for you:

Perform a healthy lifestyle
Manage stress wisely
Avoid consuming foods that are too cold, spicy or too spicy
Enough rest
Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or worsen

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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