Causes Of Stomach Pain, Infrequent Bowel Movements, Accompanied By Nausea, Vomiting?

Hello .. r nFrom my childhood, I often fart, I am still at this age, sometimes I like to bother managing farts when I am around people. so it hurts in the stomach. r n- Lack of appetite r n- If you don’t eat, Hungry r n- If you eat, it hurts r n- In bed it hurts r n- While sitting down sometimes r n- Frequent Dizziness r n- Frequent Headaches r n- Sometimes Nausea r n- Sometimes Vomiting r n- CHAPTER capable of 10-14 days once r n- When drinking coffee in the morning , you can CHAPTER r n- but I realized it was not good for the stomach. r n r nIt has been almost 1 year. What is it? Why? R n r nThank you.

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Hello, Muhammad Wahid. thank you for the question

The causes of stomach pain can vary, it is necessary to carry out a series of more detailed examinations by a doctor to find out the exact cause. The pain you can feel can come from the organs in the stomach, muscles and tissues around the stomach. However, if the complaint includes the habit of defecating, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, the possible cause of pain is not only from the muscles but the organs in the stomach.

Several diseases related to organs in the stomach can be distinguished based on the location of the abdominal pain that is felt, the characteristics of the pain whether the pain is continuous or intermittent, whether it can get better if you fart or defecate, etc. If it is differentiated based on location, some of the possible causes experienced are as follows:
- Abdominal pain that is felt in the upper right abdominal area can come from the liver, bile, duodenum, kidneys, etc. for example in hepatitis, gallstones, kidney stones, etc.
- Upper left abdominal pain can come from the stomach, spleen, large intestine, and left kidney.
- Lower right abdominal pain can originate from the appendix, reproductive organs such as the ovaries / ovaries (in women), ureters (urinary tract from the kidneys to the bladder).
- Lower left abdominal pain can come from the large intestine such as diverticulitis, left ovary / ovary, etc.

If the complaint in your stomach has been going on for a long time and you feel it is getting worse, it's a good idea to see a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor can perform a physical examination as well as support that can help establish the diagnosis and the exact cause. Examinations that can be done include imaging examinations both ultrasound, x-ray, MRI to be able to see the condition of the organs in the stomach whether there are tumors, inflammation, or other problems. In addition, blood, urine and feces / stool samples can also be examined to see whether or not there is a possibility of infection occurring in the digestive tract. The doctor will evaluate the results and determine the next therapy, if the condition does not improve, the doctor can also recommend advanced examinations such as colonoscopy or endoscopy.
Treatment of stomach disease can vary depending on the cause, it can be in the form of drugs such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, drugs for stomach acid, etc. However, in some cases, surgery may be required if necessary.

Hopefully this information is useful, hopefully get well soon.

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