Causes Of Stuttering In Children Aged 5 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Stuttering In Children Aged 5 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of Stuttering In Children Aged 5 Years?

Good evening, my child is 5thn but his speech is stuttering, he used to speak normally, but since entering school his speech is stuttering, can environmental influences also make a child stutter or is it because of growth factors?

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Hello Sanny,

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There are several types of speech disorders in children, such as voice disorders, resonance disorders, impaired speech skills or switching or what is often referred to as stuttering. Usually this stuttering disorder is characterized by the child's inability to speak fluently, often repeating a word, hesitating when saying a word or pausing, or there is blocking while talking. In addition, there can be signs such as faces, necks and shoulders that look tense.

Stuttering in children is caused by many factors, such as:

Genetic factors or family history like this.
Child development factors. When children enter school, their body, thinking function, social / emotional function, and children's speech / language ability develop rapidly. This rapid development can affect a child's ability to speak, causing stuttering.
Environmental factor. Examples such as the influence of behavior and expectations / expectations of parents to children, the environment around children for example in schools that have different speaking and language styles, as well as events that trigger stress on children.

If you are worried about this condition, and the child repeats words too often, hesitates and pauses to say a word, and becomes flexible when speaking, shows signs of tension, the child becomes unwilling to speak for fear of stuttering, you can consult a specialist pediatrician specifically growth and development or to speech therapy. While at home, you can help your child talk by speaking softly, in short, simple words, not cutting the child off when he talks. You can also help the closest person of the child about this, including talking to other family members and to the teacher.

Hopefully this information can help.


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