Causes Of Sudden Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Sudden Right Abdominal Pain?
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I want to ask my daughter, my 16-year-old daughter suddenly had pain on the right side of my stomach. I went to the doctor and the lab results showed that the contrast asppendic seemed to fill the terminal ileum, caecum, colon ascending, transverse, descending and regtosigmoid. The lumen of the appendix appears to be filled with contrast. rnI want to ask because I haven’t seen the doctor yet so I don’t know what the results are and how serious the disease isrnThank you very much

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Appendicitis or appendicitis is a condition that occurs in a person's digestive system, where the appendix / appendix, or what is often known as the appendix, becomes inflamed due to several factors. The most common cause of appendicitis is that the appendix is ​​blocked by a foreign object, it can be in the form of undigested food residue, or it could be fekalit, which is hardened feces. This blockage then causes inflammation which indicates surgery to treat it before the appendix swells and bursts. In the examination of the appendix, sometimes a supporting examination is carried out in the form of an appendicogram, which is a method of giving contrast to see the condition of the inside of the intestine. The patient will be given contrast and then monitored with X-rays. The contrast-filled lumen or gap in the appendix indicates that the appendix is ​​not blocked and therefore the possibility of appendicitis should be reviewed with another examination. We advise you to keep going back to the doctor because the treatment for your condition can be determined based on supporting examinations combined with the results of an immediate examination by your doctor. Here we attach an article about appendicitis. May be useful.

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