Causes Of Sunken Eyes And Thin Body?

Illustration of Causes Of Sunken Eyes And Thin Body?
Illustration: Causes Of Sunken Eyes And Thin Body? Bing

, I’m an 18 year old woman.rnI’ve been feeling like something’s changed about me lately. My friends say so too. My eyes lately are very sunken but no eye bags. I think it’s because I don’t get enough sleep but I get enough sleep. My body is getting thinner, it’s not because I’m not eating enough. A friend of mine said that it was a sign of worms. Its that true? Thank you..

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Hi Silfadilla,

Thanks for asking

The body that takes care of can be caused by various conditions. The presence of a worm infection is one thing that can be thought of as the cause of taking care of the body. However, of course not all of them are caused by these conditions. Previously, it was necessary to determine in advance whether your body was indeed included in the skinny category or not. To ensure that you can calculate your Body Mass Index where your weight (in kg) is divided by the square of your height (in meters), if you get a BMI less than 18 then you are in the thin category.

Underweight conditions can be caused by various conditions. Here are some conditions that can be considered as the cause of someone becoming thin or losing weight are as follows:

Lack of food intake. Not only seen from a lack of appetite but also the type of food or nutritional intake. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and fat can cause significant weight gain.

There are genetic or hereditary factors. A person with a thin lineage often also has a thin body.

There is a disturbance in the absorption of nutrients. An infection in the gastrointestinal tract can cause this to happen. Bacterial, viral or worm infections can also cause weight loss

Too high activity

Certain psychological stress or pressure.

The presence of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the intestines for example in conditions of ileitis or inflammation of the small intestine, inflammation of the stomach or known as gastritis can also cause absorption disorders.

Increased body metabolism. One condition that can be considered is a disturbance in the thyroid hormone, people with hyperthyroid conditions can have a faster metabolism than people in general and one of the signs that can appear is weight loss.

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. This condition can affect the presence of metabolic disorders in the body. For example, vitamin B deficiency.

Chronic medical conditions, such as tuberculosis infection, diabetes, autoimmune disease, or malignancy or cancer. But of course these conditions are accompanied by other complaints and symptoms.

The sunken eyes that you show can be caused by your body taking care of or indeed being affected by the quality of your sleep that is not optimal. In addition, it can also be caused by certain stress or be a clinical sign of certain medical conditions. If your condition has been going on for a long time and is worrying you, it is highly recommended to go to a doctor to find out the most likely cause that could be causing your current complaint.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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