Causes Of Sweaty Hair.?

Illustration of Causes Of Sweaty Hair.?
Illustration: Causes Of Sweaty Hair.?

Hello, when my body sweats, my hair also sweats and smells musty / sour.

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Sweating is a normal thing that happens to everyone. This will happen if someone experiences one of the following conditions, namely:

Body temperature or ambient temperature is rising
Stress or the presence of certain emotions (eg anger, shame, fear, anxiety)
Consuming certain foods or drinks (spicy food, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks)
Are suffering from certain medical conditions (such as tuberculosis infection, fever, lack of blood sugar, cancer, excess thyroid hormone and others)
Menopause (women only)

This sweat removal itself aims to help reduce excessive body temperature by removing a small amount of fluid in the body. Sweating itself will only occur when the sweat glands are functioning normally and these glands are widespread throughout the body, but there are certain body parts that sweat more often such as the scalp, face, armpits, back, palms and feet and on the genital area.

Especially for sweat glands that are on the scalp and also on the armpits, this gland has a different type so that the sweat produced will cause odor where the smell is actually the result of mixing between body odor and normal bacteria in the skin. If this odor is increasingly mixed with other things (dust, smoke, etc.) then this odor will increasingly sting and cause complaints that you feel.

To reduce normal sweating is quite difficult because this is normal for the body to do and this mechanism is also needed by the body to maintain body balance. In the meantime, it is recommended that you sweat, if possible, wash your hair with shampoo until it is completely clean. Avoid things that trigger the onset of heat as mentioned above (avoid hot environments, avoid foods or drinks that trigger perspiration), use thin and loose clothing. Also make sure you consume enough water when you are sweating.

I hope this helps.

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