Causes Of Swelling Of The Forearm After Bone Prickling?

Illustration of Causes Of Swelling Of The Forearm After Bone Prickling?
Illustration: Causes Of Swelling Of The Forearm After Bone Prickling?

Hello, r nI would like to ask about the type of diagnosis in the rotational swelling of several limbs after being pricked by a bone. Initially, the left leg that was pierced by a bone (bigger than a fish bone) had an infection then it gradually recovered after treatment. 2 weeks later, the stomach experiences swelling accompanied by severe pain. About 3 weeks after the stomach condition recovered, the left forearm suddenly swelled like an elephant’s leg and the pain has lasted for about 2 weeks. Please explain, thank you .. r nThe patient’s age is 60 years old.

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In a patient around 60 years of age, a history of puncture of the bone indicates a risk of inflammatory and infectious processes in the patient's foot. And this condition can be local to the traum area or to the stab wound area. The presence of swelling and abscesses can be risk factors that may occur, so early wound care and treatment are important points for wound recovery and inflammation. Having a history of diabetes, can be a complicating factor in the treatment performed by doctors, where the blood sugar value must also be controlled during wound care.

While the patient has swelling of the abdomen and arms, it may be caused by other medical conditions. This is because, bone stab wounds to the legs, should not affect swelling of the stomach and hands.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out further examinations related to swelling of the patient's stomach and hands, the presence of kidney disorders, liver disorders, or low protein in the body that can cause this complaint. So you should advise the patient to consult directly with an internal medicine doctor for examination and evaluation of current clinical conditions.

The doctor can arrange a blood test, or a radiological examination. The results of the examination will form the basis for confirmation of the diagnosis and the treatment that will be given.

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