Causes Of Swelling Of The Gall Bladder?

Illustration of Causes Of Swelling Of The Gall Bladder?
Illustration: Causes Of Swelling Of The Gall Bladder?

Assalammualaikum .. I want to ask … what’s the difference between bile gallstones and gallstones … at that time I kept on asking the doctor to say that I got swollen bile and GERD … any food that should not be consumed by swollen bile sufferers and GERD sufferers … thank you

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Swelling of the gall bladder is caused by the process of inflammation in the gallbladder organ or what is called cholecystitis. Inflammation or inflammation causes symptoms of pain in the upper right abdomen that can spread the back of the waist, nausea, fever, until the skin appears yellow due to interference with the flow of bile.

Underlying causes of cholecystitis such as:

1. Gallbladder stones

Most cases of cholecystitis are caused by gallstone obstruction. Gallstones can clog the outlet of the bile that eventually causes inflammation. Women over the age of 40 who are overweight are known to be more at risk of suffering from gallstones.

2. Tumor

Tumors in the bile duct cause disruption of the flow of bile until inflammation occurs.

3. Infection

Certain infections such as AIDS or other virua infections can cause inflamed gallbladder.

4. Impaired blood flow

Impaired blood flow to the gallbladder for example in the case of diabetes can cause gallbladder dysfunction.

If inflammation is caused by bile duct stones, the doctor can provide treatment to dissolve the stones and to prevent the stones from re-forming. If the stone is large enough then operative action is the most appropriate therapeutic option.

In addition to the above treatments, it is very important to change lifestyle patterns to prevent the development of the disease, including:

- Lose weight slowly if you have excess weight.

- Choose a healthy diet. Diets rich in fat and low in fiber will further aggravate existing complaints. Eat a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

- Healthy fats that are recommended include eggs, nuts, or soybeans.

For a history of GERD lifestyle modification needs to be done by reducing weight, stopping smoking, not consuming substances that irritate the stomach such as caffeine, aspirin, and alcohol. Sleep at least after 2 to 4 hours after food, eat small portions and reduce fatty foods.

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