Causes Of Testicular Infants Aged 3 Months Enlarged?

Illustration of Causes Of Testicular Infants Aged 3 Months Enlarged?
Illustration: Causes Of Testicular Infants Aged 3 Months Enlarged?

afternoon I want testicles my son’s age 3 months so big .. well even though the time was born and before the gland in the neck .. the testicles are usually normal, but the abs operation has started to start looking big and not going flat … that’s why it’s wrong and danger not if I check my child to the doctor or to the health center

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Hello, Ryan Alfin Hakim, thank you for asking

Enlargement of the testicular sac (scrotal) can be caused by several possible causes:

Hydrocele orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), often caused by a mumps infection (which also often causes swelling of the cheeks in mumps), or bacterial infection of the scrotal hernia (decrease in stomach components such as the intestine or intestine hanging into the scrotum) Epididymitis

To determine the cause, must be examined directly by a doctor. The doctor performs an examination to see if your child's testicles are normal or not, as well as other related examinations. In addition, if necessary, supporting examinations such as ultrasound and complete blood tests will be carried out. You may take your child to a general practitioner / puskesmas first, if if after a physical examination your child needs to be referred to a more complete facility then the doctor will refer him to a specialist according to his condition.

Do not delay to have your child examined first if the size of the testicles is getting bigger and bigger, there are other symptoms such as fever, redness of the testicular sac, the child looks fussy (pain, pain), there is urinary disorders (eg difficulty urinating, bleeding, fussing), defecation, bloating, vomiting, weakness, or no appetite / drinking.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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