Causes Of The Lower Abdomen Bulging?

Illustration of Causes Of The Lower Abdomen Bulging?
Illustration: Causes Of The Lower Abdomen Bulging?

night I Rika, I Have a Complaint I just gave birth 5 mth ago on 1 mth 12 2018 my child minumbated up to the age of 3 mth and continued, drinking milk so that I had menstruated 4 months ago, I went on to do the Hb with my husband April 7, my husband took it outside, after we did the Hb for two weeks, my stomach on the lower left side was a bit bloated, and then I already did a peck bag and the results were negative, I’m not sure, I tried again all week again and the same results negative line 1 tp that I’m not comfortable knp my left abdomen is a bit bloated, am I pregnant? and why when I press the computer, does it pulsate?

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Hello, good night Rika ...

Complaints of a bulging lower abdomen can be caused by various possibilities, such as:

constipation or difficult bowel movements
collection of gas in the digestive tract, for example due to the habit of consuming foods that cause high gas in the digestive tract (such as spicy foods, fatty foods, foods containing yeast flour / developer, soft drinks, etc.
the presence of a mass / tumor, both in the digestive tract, reproductive tract, under the surface of the skin (such as cysts, lipomas), and so on
piles of fluid in the abdominal cavity, for example due to disorders of the liver / liver

Pregnancy can indeed make the lower abdomen feel hard when touched. However, please note that this is not a sure sign / symptom of pregnancy. Examination using a packmemang test can help to find out whether someone is pregnant or not. However, the results of examinations with this tool are not 100% accurate. For example, a negative test pack result may not necessarily indicate that a person is not pregnant. In situations where a person is actually pregnant but the levels of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) are still very few in the urine, this can result in a false negative test pack. In addition, errors in the procedure of using a tool, or a problematic tool can also give false negative results. To ensure that you are pregnant / not, further examination is needed by an obstetrician. The doctor will do an ultrasound examination to see the presence / absence of a pregnancy sac or even fetal heart rate, which is a sure sign of pregnancy.

Regarding throbbing stomachs, this can be normal. In the abdominal area there is one large vessel that drains blood from the heart to the legs. In some people, when the supine position, when the abdominal area is pressed the pulses of these blood vessels can be felt, where these pulses will be in tune with the heart rate. This condition mainly occurs in people who have thin bodies. In addition, the condition of a throbbing stomach can also be caused by dilation of blood vessels in the abdominal area, which is usually associated with a history of high blood pressure. Meanwhile, the symptoms of a throbbing stomach are not a common sign of a pregnancy, right?

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