Causes Of Thrombocytosis

Illustration of Causes Of Thrombocytosis
Illustration: Causes Of Thrombocytosis

Morning, I am a patient in the treatment of excess platelets and HB deficiency. The doctor in question did not provide clear information and only said “to go to the blood test again and come to see the doctor to check for the next menstruation”, even though I only had a blood test 8 days ago. What do you mean?

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Platelet levels that exceed normal are called thrombocytosis. Various conditions can cause thrombocytosis, including:

Problems with the spinal cord
Iron deficiency, usually will cause anemia as evidenced by hemoglobin levels less than normal values
The effect of certain drugs

To determine the cause, it is necessary to have a complete examination both physical examination and additional checks needed such as blood tests, peripheral blood erase tests, and so on. So that the handling will be carried out appropriately and directed.

Related to your question, it could be intended to evaluate the course of treatment that is taking place, so that blood tests must be done again so that platelet and hemoglobin levels can be known. From there it can be seen whether there is improvement or not.

For now, there are several things you can do:

Take care of your diet
Regular exercise
Avoid obesity by maintaining body shape and weight
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Manage stress well

That's all, hope it helps.

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