Causes Of Tight Twitches In The Stomach?

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Hello, I’m 15 years old, I want to ask a question, in January I was under a lot of stress and it continued to the next month, my body condition was not good, I started to feel nauseous in the morning afternoon and evening at the same time, it lasted 2 weeks, my stress decreased, I I also have regular menstruation at the end of the month, then the last few days I sneezed, then I felt a twitch in my stomach, quite tight, every time I sneeze my stomach twitches or vibrates, what do you think?

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Hello, Bina Marsha, thanks for asking

Twitching in your stomach can be caused by several things:

1.     There is a stretch in the abdominal muscles from sneezing louder and more often than usual

2.    The intestines are filled with gas, besides twitching other symptoms such as bloating and belching appear

3.    There is an electrolyte imbalance or muscle fatigue

4.     If the twitching in the abdomen occurs in the middle of the abdomen and can be felt in harmony with the heartbeat, you should immediately consult a doctor to anticipate more serious things such as widening of the large blood vessels in the abdomen (abdominal aortic aneurysm).

5. Nausea can be caused by diseases such as inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), peptic ulcers, or psychological stress as you describe.

If the twitching is not bothersome, painless, and does not cause symptoms such as weakness, nausea, vomiting, and urinary disturbances, then you simply drink plenty of water or electrolyte drinks, eat nutritious and regular food, get enough rest, exercise regularly, control it. your stress, and try to compress the stomach with warm water / warm bath. However, if you are worried or have other symptoms such as: fever, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, weakness, and throbbing twitches such as heart rate and stomach, then you should check with your doctor. To deal with your nausea, do the things I mentioned above, plus try drinking antacids or warm ginger water.

That's it, I hope it's useful.


dr. Sarah Rizqia

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