Causes Of Tingling In The Head?

Illustration of Causes Of Tingling In The Head?
Illustration: Causes Of Tingling In The Head?

good afternoon, I want to ask lately I often experience a tingling head, and previously I have never felt it, if the tingling in the area of ​​the hands and feet are common, but this is the problem in my head, and I feel in my head that someone is walking but this is happening just 10 minutes, please explain yes, and give advice what should I do. thanks.

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 Tingling or in medical language is called paresthesia is an uncomfortable sensation such as repeated small mold fungus, pain when moved, until numbness / numb sensation. Tingling is often caused by disorders of the peripheral nerves on the surface of the skin due to pressure or certain conditions. But these complaints can also be caused by conditions such as vitamin B deficiency, fatigue due to certain activities, the use of certain types of drugs, and medical conditions such as diabetes, diseases that attack the immune system, autoimmune diseases and other neurological diseases.

Tingling is often felt in the hands and feet, although the condition can also occur in various parts of the body, including the head. Some possible causes that can cause a tingling sensation in the head include migraines, hypertension, psychological disorders such as anxiety, anxiety, anger, stress, head injuries, epilepsy to severe conditions such as brain tumors.

You do not need to worry, tingling that lasts a long time and does not repeat for a long time, generally a condition that does not indicate a serious illness. What to watch out for when tingling occurs repeatedly, in the long term, accompanied by strong pain and felt heavy, especially if felt in the head area. In these conditions, immediately seek medical help from the nearest doctor or neurologist to get further medical evaluation.

To help alleviate perceived complaints, take a break at home, avoiding repetitive movements and positions that can swallow nerves, consume healthy and nutritious food, meet daily bodily fluid needs, avoid stress and fatigue due to overcrowded activities. Reduce and avoid smoking.
 Take pain medications such as paracetamol when pain is felt and consume vitamin B complex to reduce tingling complaints, exercise regularly so that your body's endurance can be maintained properly.
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