Causes Of Tingling In The Legs?

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I want to ask why every time I sit for too long Enjoy. when I stand up my legs are tingling?? is this a symptom of gout? how to cure it. thanks.

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Tingling or paresthesias is a condition in which the sensation of heat, such as pins and needles, numbness or numbness in the limbs which generally occurs in the hands and feet, appears suddenly, and is usually not accompanied by pain. This tingling sensation or paresthesias occurs when nerves are compressed (inadvertently) in certain body positions, such as when sitting cross-legged for a long time or sleeping with your head on your hands or when you are in a certain position for a long time.

Tingling or paresthesias can be:

While (temporary), in this temporary type of paresthesias, the tingling symptoms will disappear on their own without requiring special treatment. Chronic, chronic paresthesias occur because they are caused by other diseases in the body. Symptoms of paresthesias include:

Numbness, numbness, weakness in the limbs, tingling sensation, burning sensation, cold sensation, tingling sensation in the limbs, especially in the legs, which can cause difficulty walking. temporary paresthesias (temporary). Because you are in a position for a long period of time, there is an inadvertent nerve compression which in turn causes a tingling sensation. You do not need to worry, for this temporary paresthesia does not require special treatment or treatment. Just let it sit for a few moments and this tingling sensation will go away on its own. However, if the tingling complaint continues to relapse even at certain times or feels getting worse, you should check your health condition to a doctor so that further examination and treatment can be carried out.

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