Causes Of Vaginal Bleeding?

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, a week ago I had stomach cramps. 2 days later bleeding but less than menstruation. Until now sometimes it still comes out but sometimes it’s just a spot or sometimes when you urinate there are drops of blood. I’m 3 weeks late and the results are positive. On Monday, January 29th, I went to the obstetrician and had an abdominal ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound, but I couldn’t see the gestational sac. Told to come back again in a month and keep monitoring with tp at home. Please explain my situation and why the blood spots and drips have not stopped? Thank you in advance

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Hello Mr. Githa

Vaginal bleeding in general can be caused by many things, but it must be distinguished whether you are pregnant or not. First make sure whether you are pregnant or not? The test pack examination is a test to determine pregnancy, but of course errors can occur. Try to re-check the test pack again 1 week later. If it is still positive, consult an obstetrician so that the presence of a gestational sac is re-evaluated.

Some of the causes of vaginal bleeding are:

1.    Implantation bleeding. Bleeding that occurs when the embryo implants or implants in the uterus.

2.    Bleeding in pregnancy

3.     Menstruation

4.    Bleeding after sexual intercourse

5.    Pelvic inflammatory disease

6.    Cervical cancer.

7.     Hemorrhoids. It is important to determine whether blood is coming from the vagina or anus. If there are complaints of difficulty in chapters and there is a history of previous straining. Possible blood drop due to hemorrhoids that have not been seen (grade 1 internal hemorrhoids)

Meanwhile, keep your vagina clean, eat fibrous foods, avoid having sex first, and monitor it with a test pack in 1 week. Do not let the blood continue to drip, if very much immediately consult a doctor because it can cause anemia.

Hopefully useful, thank you

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