Causes Of Vaginal Injury During Intercourse?

Illustration of Causes Of Vaginal Injury During Intercourse?
Illustration: Causes Of Vaginal Injury During Intercourse?

Hello doctor, since my partner is a Caucasian and has a penis size bigger than Asians, my vagina often experiences lula during intercourse and a few days after genital ulcers arise … is this normal? When canker sores come out white liquid like cottage cheese and not slimy, does not smell or itch. It has happened 4 times in the last 5 months, I worry if I get PMS, how is this doctor?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Injuries during sex can occur due to various things, including:

Friction during intercourse
Dry vagina
Cervical polyps
Sexually transmitted disease
Vaginal atrophy
Hormonal imbalance
Injury to the lining of the uterus

So it's true that this might have something to do with your new partner. But it does not have to be due to the size of his penis, it could be due to friction that is too fast or penetration begins before the vagina is completely lubricated. Because if due to size, babies can actually pass from your vagina, so the penis should not be a problem. In addressing this, do not rush when having sex, prolong foreplay, use lubricants if necessary, and if it still continues, consult a doctor.

Then regarding the condition you call genital thrush, this condition, also vaginal discharge like cheese is not normal. Although vaginal discharge is not slimy, odorless and itchy, it does not have to fulfill all these characteristics to mention that vaginal discharge is a disorder. The cottage cheese feature that you just mentioned is actually enough to suspect a certain disorder, it could be due to bacterial, fungal, or sexually transmitted diseases, because this is indeed one of the risk factors that can arise from a free sex life. Even if you have been loyal, it could be your partner who has dealt with many women.

To ensure this, check yourself with a dermatologist and genitals so that you can do a history, physical examination and support by taking a sample of vaginal discharge and examined in the laboratory. From there you will know the tendency of the disease you are experiencing and what is the best treatment.

Meanwhile, avoid sexual intercourse, keep the genitals clean by sweeping from front to back instead of back to front, routinely change underpants, and avoid free sex because apart from fungal infections, HIV infection can occur which until now there is no cure . So, hopefully answering your question.

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