Causes Of Vaginal Itching?

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t night. Want to ask. What’s the cause of an itchy vagina?, because a few days ago my vagina was itchy. What’s the itch reliever then? Thank you

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Hi Ivonne,

The itching that occurs in the vagina certainly makes it uncomfortable. The most common cause of an itchy vagina is an infection, so you also need to pay attention to whether there are other accompanying symptoms such as vaginal discharge. But sometimes hormonal changes can also make vaginal itching, for example in mothers who are breastfeeding. Some examples of causes of vaginal itching include:

candidiasis (a fungal infection), the most common cause, accompanied by symptoms of white or yellowish vaginal discharge, consistency like lumps of trichomoniasis soft cheese, characterized by green discharge, odor, itching, redness of the vaginal opening bacterial vaginosis, accompanied by a fishy, ‚Äč‚Äčthick, grayish-colored vaginal discharge genital lice, allergic reactions to irritant contact dermatitis, for example components in soaps, sanitary napkins, underwear or after shaving genital hair lichen sclerosus, accompanied by white patches around the lips of the vagina To find out the exact cause, it is recommended to consult directly with a doctor, so that you can provide more complete information and the doctor can conduct a more targeted examination, including seeing the condition of the vagina and if necessary taking a sample of vaginal discharge if any. Thus appropriate treatment can be given according to the diagnosis.

In the meantime, some other things you need to pay attention to:

Avoid scratching the vagina because it will cause more severe irritation and inflammation. Always keep the vagina clean. Change underwear at least 2 times a day, use materials that absorb sweat such as cotton and are not too tight. Clean the vagina enough with clean water from front to back and dry with a tissue afterwards Avoid using panty liners too often Some causes of vaginal infections are caused by unhealthy sexual activity. If you are sexually active, avoid changing partners and ask your partner to use a condom during intercourse. If your partner has symptoms on the genitals or has a history of changing partners, it is advisable to also see a doctor. consume nutritious food and drink enough water (at least 2 liters per day) avoid smoking You can also read related articles:

get rid of vaginal itching

I hope this information is helpful.

Regards, Dr. Delvira

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