Causes Of Vomiting Accompanied By Diarrhea In Children?

Illustration of Causes Of Vomiting Accompanied By Diarrhea In Children?
Illustration: Causes Of Vomiting Accompanied By Diarrhea In Children?

My child was stricken with swollen and itchy hives, then I took it for treatment and was given medicine, the itching disappeared. every day my child vomits vomiting and diarrhea, what are the symptoms?

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Vomiting and diarrhea in children can also be called vomiting / defecating, this can be due to absorption disorders in the digestive tract, especially in the intestine. Vomiting in children seems trivial, but it must be realized that vomiting is as dangerous as other diseases. Dehydration is something that must be avoided in vomiting, because lack of fluids can cause the body to become weak, fever, seizures, metabolism does not work well, threat of damage to important organs of the body, and death due to lack of fluids. Of course this makes us realize that vomiting must be treated appropriately so that dehydration does not occur.

Many causes of vomiting in children, including due to:

gastrointestinal infections due to bacteria Rotavirus, Salmonella, E.coli, Shigella food intolerance such as lactose and fructose certain viral or parasitic infections Malabsorption, due to excessive consumption of foods containing artificial sweeteners food poisoning Chorn disease (chronic intestinal inflammation) celiac disease (gluten allergy diverticulitis (abnormal inflammation of the intestinal bulge) In children with vomiting, parents should know the danger signs that threaten dehydration, namely:

The child looks weak and sluggish, comes out cold sweat rarely urines BAK is cloudy and the child's mouth is dry when crying does not shed tears the eyelids look sunken, the skin is not dense / drooping like they do not contain weight drops drastically decreased appetite If you find signs -Signs like the one above for your child, so my advice is that you should immediately bring your child to health services such as a health center, inpatient clinic, or hospital so that your child can be treated and given fluids to return fluids that come out due to vomiting and diarrhea.

Keep giving fluids as often as possible, so that your child's fluid needs are still fulfilled. By giving salt / ORS, there is no need to worry too much if the child does not want to eat at all, what is more important is that their fluid needs can be met first, even though they still vomit / have diarrhea.

Prevention of vomiting and diarrhea that you need to know is:

pay attention to the cleanliness of your child's food / drink, wash your hands first before feeding your child, get your child used to washing their hands before they touch food, cook water thoroughly so that the bacteria in it really die, and the water is safe for consumption, wash cutlery / drinks cleanly using soap and clean water do not bring children closer to other people who are experiencing vomiting and diarrhea. A little information from us, hopefully this is useful. Thanks.

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