Causes Often Choke When Not Eating Or Drinking?

Illustration of Causes Often Choke When Not Eating Or Drinking?
Illustration: Causes Often Choke When Not Eating Or Drinking?

I am a woman of 22 years old. 3hr I like to choke on myself for no reason. Not even drinking suddenly coughing badly and vomiting. I also experienced sprue rather severe there are 4 points sprue. Just what do you need me for a consultant ?. My current medical history is just rinithis.

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Choking is generally caused by the presence of food, liquid or other objects that enter the respiratory tract (trachea) and often can cause blockage of the respiratory tract that can result in death from not being able to breathe. Sometimes in adults, inhalation of certain fumes can also cause choking.

There are several conditions that can make it easier for a person to experience choking like:

Children under five years old Have certain neurological disorders (eg Parkinson's) Have diseases that cause damage to the muscles Narrowing of the esophagus for example in acid reflux disease (GERD) which has a long-standing congenital abnormalities that cause difficulty swallowing Eating too fast or while lying down Talking or laughing when eating or drinking Not chewing food properly The use of certain drugs or alcohol While thrush can also be caused by various conditions such as:

Bacterial / viral / fungal infections in the mouth Certain diseases (eg leukemia, allergies, etc.) Certain nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin C deficiency, vitamin B deficiency or iron deficiency Side effects of drugs Side effects of the mouth (eg use of braces, bitten and others) To find out your current condition and whether choking and sprue that is experiencing is a similar situation or different, it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor. You may also be asked to conduct further investigations such as some blood tests or other tests. You may also be consulted with certain specialists to help resolve your complaint.

In the meantime, what you can do:

For your mouth sores:
- drink plenty of water
- avoid foods or drinks that are too hot
- keep oral hygiene For choking:
- avoid eating or drinking while talking
- chew food well and eat in a good position, and avoid swallowing too fast
- if when you choke you feel short of breath and can not speak immediately to the hospital emergency room to get first aid. Hope it helps.

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