Causes Often Feel Pain In The Heart?

Illustration of Causes Often Feel Pain In The Heart?
Illustration: Causes Often Feel Pain In The Heart?

I want to ask, I often feel pain in the heart, my heart often beats irregularly, and if I jog or exercise often I often feel pain in my chest. I also often experience shortness of breath. Guess why?

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Hello Ridhania, thank you for asking

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Heart pain / Angina pectoris is pain that is felt due to lack of blood / oxygen supply to the heart which causes the heart muscle to experience ischemic conditions. However, this pain is often similar to the condition of pain in the rise of stomach acid, and pain in pneumonia.

Angina pectoris itself can lead to a serious disease. What you must understand about heart pain is that the pain is sharp in the left chest, the pain can spread to the neck or penetrate to the back, the location of the pain can not be appointed, accompanied by shortness of breath. This condition can lead to acute coronary syndrome or other heart disease (heart failure, etc.). But you do not worry in advance, it could be a complaint that you feel is a normal thing that happens when people exercise, or other disorders such as somatoform and psychosomatic disorders.

Some things you need to consider are as follows:

What is your current age, age> 45 years increases your risk of heart disease.
How is your lifestyle, alcohol consumption and smoking can increase the risk of heart disease.
How long has your complaint lasted, and gained weight or not.
Complaints will disappear under what conditions, rest, sleep, or disappear by itself or even there continuously.
Have you had similar complaints before?
Are there families with a history of heart disease / psychiatric disorders.

Some of the above may be asked by the doctor when you visit, this is to facilitate the doctor's diagnosis of your disease. Some of the above possibilities can be diagnosed on the basis of a direct examination by a doctor either by physical examination or support in the form of a heart record, blood test, etc. Therefore, visit a doctor immediately if your complaints persist and get worse.

That's all for me,

Thank you good luck always :)

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