Causes Often Take A Deep Breath

Illustration of Causes Often Take A Deep Breath
Illustration: Causes Often Take A Deep Breath

Hello doctor, I want to ask sometimes I take a deep breath. Is it normal? But the distance is not close

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There are complaints that you take several deep breaths even though you are not close to each other, so this is a normal condition. When you take a deep breath, this is the process of adjusting yourself to air pressure, the activities you do or the physical processes that occur in your body.

When you are at high altitude, this habit of taking a deep breath usually will often occur, this is done to meet the needs of oxygen in the altitude area. In addition, if you are active or when changing positions from squatting to standing, then all this is a physiological form of the body to adjust your body to the conditions that are around you.

As long as this is not accompanied by annoying complaints, such as rapid breathing, chest pain, or palpitations, coughing or fever, the complaint that you feel is still within reasonable limits.

However, if this complaint is accompanied by a disturbing complaint, then some of the conditions below can trigger your habit of breathing longer, such as:

Stomach upset
Joint or muscle pain
Coughing or strep throat
Lung Disorders
Heart Disorders

Complaints that accompany depend on accompanying complaints that you feel, such as nausea and heartburn, this can also be triggered by stomach disorders. Or other accompanying complaints that can indeed affect your breathing comfort.

If you feel this complaint is bothering you and making you anxious, then you can consult your doctor directly. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the complaint that you feel, then a physical examination and support can be planned to ensure the presence or absence of interference with the heart or lung system. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment if an underlying medical problem is found.

For now, all you can do is evaluate and observe independently. You can identify, this complaint arises after you do what or consume what, and how long this thing appears. Usually by sitting relaxed, this complaint will disappear and not appear again.

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