Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Leprosy?

Illustration of Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Leprosy?
Illustration: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Leprosy? Bing

If I have surgery, will all the parts that have spots be operated on, are there certain parts that will be operated on, because I am still doing normal activities and before the disability occurred. because every day the hair continues to fall out and become thin. Initially during 3-4 months of therapy there was an improvement, but after 5-6 months I felt more and more down, and instead there was swelling in the legs, nose, cheeks, and in the area around the red patches. Is this type of MB disease very dangerous? and slim chance of recovery?

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Hello good morning Nunuy.

Information about leprosy (morbus hansen/ hansen's disease) has been explained in full by dr. Nadia in your previous question. Basically the treatment of leprosy depends on the type of leprosy experienced. Based on the WHO classification, leprosy is divided into two major groups, namely:

Basilar Pausi (PB), which is characterized by the number of patches on the skin only 1-5, not symmetrical, and loss of sensation (numbness) is obvious. In this type of nerve damage that occurs in only 1 nerve branch. On examination of the acid-fast bacteria index (BTA), the number of bacteria is less than positive 2 (< +2) Multi Basillar (MB), the type you are experiencing. This type of leprosy is characterized by more than 5 blemishes/spots on the skin, more symmetrical distribution, and numbness that is not very clear. In the MB type nerve damage that occurs in many branches. In the examination of the acid-fast bacterial index (BTA), the number of bacteria is more than the PB type, which is more than positive 2 (>+2) In the PB type leprosy treatment takes 6-9 months, while the MB type requires 12-18 treatment time months, the MB type treatment takes longer because as mentioned in the MB type there is more nerve damage and the number of bacteria in the body is higher than the PB type.

But regarding whether this type of MB is more dangerous, the answer is relative. It all depends on the patient's adherence to treatment, body care, and the patient's general condition. Body care that we mean here is the treatment of the body parts that are very important for activity, namely the hands and feet. The principle of body care for people with leprosy is RGO, namely Soak Rub Oles. Soak the feet for 20 minutes in cold water, gently and slowly rub the thickened and dry parts of the body using a pumice stone or the like while observing and checking for new / no wounds, then rub with oil on the fingers and toes to prevent dry skin and cracked. After that, straighten your legs and arms as well as your toes and hands to prevent your fingers from becoming bent and stiff. Do this RGO twice a day. Other body care includes wearing closed footwear to avoid collisions that can cause injury, wearing gloves when cooking, avoiding exposure to hot objects, if there is a wound, treat the wound immediately. Until now there has been no other drug apart from the medicine given by a doctor that has been proven to help relieve the symptoms of leprosy, but as mentioned above, body care can help to avoid worsening the disease. In addition, physical therapy can also help maintain the function of physical activity for people with leprosy.

Regarding your question regarding whether the operation is operated on the whole body or certain parts, the answer is only certain parts. Surgery performed in the form of surgery for certain nerve branches (for example, the hand nerve branches), surgery to improve body shape in body parts that are important for carrying out daily activities (for example on fingers that become like 'clawing', or mother crooked fingers, eye surgery (in the case of leprosy that has affected the eye), as well as cosmetic/aesthetic purposes such as correcting the nose shape, removing excess skin or thickening of the skin, etc.

Healing of nerve damage experienced by leprosy sufferers is generally very limited, numbness in the feet is usually still felt in people with leprosy who have healed, but skin lesions in general can disappear within the first year of treatment. In addition to treatment from doctors in the form of drinking drugs, physical therapy, surgery to improve body shape, surgery on nerves, also contribute to improving the quality of life in patients with leprosy by helping people with this disease to be able to continue their daily activities.

That's all from us, hopefully we can answer the questions you ask.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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