Causes Prolonged Bloating Accompanied By High Levels Of White Blood Cells?

Illustration of Causes Prolonged Bloating Accompanied By High Levels Of White Blood Cells?
Illustration: Causes Prolonged Bloating Accompanied By High Levels Of White Blood Cells?

Tonight, my father’s 1 monthly flatulence. Then after I arrived a minute later, I was taken to the hospital and was asked to be hospitalized. Already chest X-ray, check the heart and kidneys are normal. Ultrasound waiting for the results. Blood tests show thrombocytes 950s and leukocytes 46 and HB around 8. Then just taken bone marrow. Still waiting 3 more days. I was very worried and wanted to know whether the condition might be leukemia? Or even CML? Or can it be an ordinary infection? The current condition is that my father feels very healthy, only often urinating due to infusion given antibiotics to reduce fluid in the stomach. In addition, in the last few years the feet were swollen, but they did not interfere with the activity. Please explain. thanks.

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Hello Ummukhodijah, thank you for the question.

Bloating that is felt continuously, generally indicates a disease that has been running for quite a long time. Bloating can occur in problems in the digestive tract, in organs in the stomach, due to autoimmune diseases, or in tumors. The work diagnosis and differential diagnosis can only be made by the treating doctor, based on a physical examination and supporting examination. Some possibilities of bloating are sustainable, for example:

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, GERD, colitis, gastrointestinal tumors.
Disorders of the liver, spleen, or pancreas.
Disorders of the kidneys that cause a buildup of fluid in the stomach wall.
Autoimmune disease.
Certain tumors.

These possibilities must be matched with physical examination and supporting examination. In your father's case, the doctor might suspect an interruption in blood cell formation.

You should write down the results of laboratory examinations completely to avoid misinterpretation. Do you mean that the platelet value is 950 or 950,000? Is it WBCs 46 or 46,000? This must be made clear, because certain disease conditions can cause extreme decreases in blood component values. While several other diseases can cause extreme increases in these values.

If indeed there is a very high leukocyte value above normal, predicting one possibility is leukemia. You need to know that leukemia consists of several types. CML or chronic myeloid leukemia is one type of leukemia. Therefore, CML is part of leukemia. CML is generally experienced by older men. CML results from spontaneous chromosome mutations, which cause abnormal blood cells to be over-produced. Until now it was not clear why the chromosome mutation occurred. Generally occurs slowly for years and rarely cause severe symptoms early in the course of the disease. Clearer symptoms will appear when the stadium is more advanced, for example in the form of symptoms:

Weak, tired, lethargic.
Weight decreased dramatically.
Loss of appetite.
Nauseous vomit.
Stomach ache.
Bone pain.
Contusion of bruises or bleeding under the skin.
Bleeding easily occurs, for example nosebleeds.

Of course we cannot confirm whether your father is experiencing CML or not. You and your family must be patient waiting for the results of the bone marrow examination. These results will be adjusted to the results of laboratory and physical examination results. If there is indeed leukemia, the doctor will suggest the possible types of therapy. Therapy will differ based on:

Type of leukemia.
Stage leukemia.
General condition of the patient.

In the meantime, try to keep your father eating and drinking according to the doctor's recommendations. Optimal rest. Give moral support to stay motivated.

Thus my explanation, hopefully can increase your knowledge. Regards.

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