Causes Pus-like Bumps Under The Tongue?

Illustration of Causes Pus-like Bumps Under The Tongue?
Illustration: Causes Pus-like Bumps Under The Tongue?

my child is 5 years old .. r it’s been 3 times this month that it appears and disappears under his tongue there is a yellow lump like yellow pus but it doesn’t hurt..but on the 3rd day at first it didn’t hurt but a day later it was swollen and painful. r ndi my child’s first day last month 2 days it disappeared I think it broke but there was no wound only red without pain r n second time a week or 2 weeks later another 2 days and disappeared without pain r then the 3rd time came again but after 2 days in the afternoon it felt swollen and painful .. until the neck under the ear it looked like a glandular lump .. I gave warm water then the pain subsided .. and at night the swelling and lumps like small pus disappeared .. r really why and what disease? thank you..

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Hello Mrs. Echa.

Thank you for the question.

Lumps under the tongue can be caused by swelling of the salivary glands. This swelling results from:

Blocked salivary glands or ranula. This lump can be small to large.
salivary gland stones or sialolithiasis. Generally sialolithiasis affects the floor of the mouth, but can also be found under the tongue and inner cheeks.
infection of the salivary glands or sialadenitis. Infection is caused by bacteria. In this case it will develop into a serious infection if not treated properly.
salivary gland tumors and cancer
tongue cancer

Apart from that other causes are:

malnutrition or malnutrition
decreased eating habits or eating disorders
use of antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, antipsychotic drugs
overweight or obesity
have thyroid disease

To find out the exact cause, you should consult a dentist. The dentist will interview about the child's illness, perform a physical examination, and may require additional examinations:

Biopsy if cancer is suspected
Salivary gland function tests

The suggestions that I can give are to maintain healthy teeth and mouth:

have your teeth and mouth checked by the dentist regularly
using the right toothbrush
using fluoride toothpaste
do not eat excessively sweet and too acidic foods
avoid carbonated drinks

That's my explanation, hopefully it will answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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