Causes Red Eye More Than A Week?

Illustration of Causes Red Eye More Than A Week?
Illustration: Causes Red Eye More Than A Week?

I am 19 years old, my eyes are minus and I used to use contact lenses before I was allergic to sulfa. it’s been almost 2 weeks my eyes are red and itchy. first week until swelling and vision become blurred. I went to the doctor and was given medicine but the medicine contained sulfa so that it added to the swelling. after seeing the doctor the second time I was given eye ointment. at this time my eyes are not swollen but still red and itchy. how to get rid of redness and itching?

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Hello Jujul,

Red and itchy eyes can be caused by many factors, if accompanied by a sharp decrease in vision or blurred eyes should be immediately consulted by a doctor. Your actions to see a doctor are very appropriate. Here are some of the causes of red and itchy eyes:

Eye irritation

Dry eyes and tired eyes

Corneal ulcer

Eye ointment containing what is given by a doctor? Each cause of red eye can have different treatments and treatments. If after using eye ointment for 3 days the red eyes and itching have not improved, or blurred eyes appear again, I suggest that you control again with the doctor who treats you or can go directly to the eye doctor for further evaluation to ensure the condition of your eyes. The doctor will then provide additional treatment if needed according to the condition of your eyes.

Meanwhile to help the healing process you can do the following tips:

Rest your eyes if you are tired
Use eye protection such as sunglasses when driving
Avoid staring at light sources that are too bright
Don't rub your eyes
Do not wear contact lenses until eye conditions improve
For women, avoid eye cosmetics for a while
Immediately to the eye doctor if there are complaints of blurry eyes

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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