Causes Red Skin By Itself?

Illustration of Causes Red Skin By Itself?
Illustration: Causes Red Skin By Itself?

Excuse me, my skin sometimes reds on its own, somewhat itchy on the red surface. And when I scratch my skin, a bump appears in the shape of a pattern like when scratched. Do I think about my skin disease?

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Hello Herlambang Naufal, thank you for asking with

Additional information is required regarding the complaints that you experience, how long have you experienced this complaint, whether it has a history of allergies, whether just replacing or applying cosmetics, soap-shampoo or lotion is new?

Some of the causes of the complaints that you experienced antaralain:

Hives / urticaria
contact dermatitis
Other infections on the skin

There are some specific types of urticaria called 'dermatographic urticaria' ataudermatographiadimana are rash or urticaria that follow scratches the skin.

However, to determine the cause of your complaint for sure, clinicians require more detailed information, direct physical examination, blood tests, allergies, or other related examination. You should consult with a dermatologist in order to get the best treatment and medication. Your doctor can give medications to reduce inflammation or allergy medications that can help to reduce your complaints.

Some things you can do are:

Avoid using soaps / shampoos that contain harsh chemicals
Avoid excessive scratching on the area of ​​your skin
Discover the originators or allergy if there
Using a moisturizer on dry skin
Keep the house and yourself clean
Avoid stress or excessive thoughts

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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