Causes Red Spots Around The Thighs And Hands?

Illustration of Causes Red Spots Around The Thighs And Hands?
Illustration: Causes Red Spots Around The Thighs And Hands?

, my body is itchy especially the thighs and there are a lot of spots on the red spots so much that even the hands are hit but if the hands are not red spots but like pus but the liquid is white and a lot, after the skin has flaked, but after that it grows again even though not scratched.

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Hello Muhamad Ibrah,

Red spots that appear throughout the body accompanied by itching can be caused by the following diseases:

 Caused by ticks Sarcoptes scabiei Very contagious from objects used by patients such as mattresses, bed linen, sofas, etc. Most often found in dormitories, boarding schools, prisons reddish spots, especially between fingers, hands, can be all over the body to the genitals. Itching is great especially at night. Treatment with permethrin (topical whole body) and administration of antihistamines to reduce itching. Patients are advised not to scratch their bodies to avoid secondary infections (festering wounds). The entire house and furniture must be cleaned, the sheets boiled, and other family members who live in the same house with the same complaint must seek treatment until healed. Atopic dermatitis Miliaria rubra-pustulosa contact dermatitis A direct physical examination by a doctor is certainly needed in order to diagnose a skin disease. The doctor also needs to ask about the history of complaints that appear, a history of similar diseases before, a history of skin diseases in other family members, and a history of treatment that you have received.

Treatment to be given by a doctor can be in the form of topical (topical) or oral (taken) medication. The medicine will be given for a few days and then you are expected to be able to control it again to be able to evaluate the results of the therapy. Be sure not to scratch itchy skin lesions, because dirty hands can cause the skin lesions to become infected and form pus. Secondary infection of the wound will change the typical appearance of skin lesions due to previous skin disease and will often cause scars.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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