Causes Retinal Detachment After 2 Operations?

Illustration of Causes Retinal Detachment After 2 Operations?
Illustration: Causes Retinal Detachment After 2 Operations?

I have undergone vitrectomy for 2 times and then released again. I was surprised at my retina even though at that time it did not release all the retina.

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Vitrectomy is a type of operative action that can be recommended to be performed on patients who experience retinal tear / detachment in the eye wherein this operation will generally be done by removing the vitreous gel (fluid that fills the eyeball) which causes the retina to loose and replace it with a gas balloon / oil or by other operative actions to keep the retina loose can stick back.

Operative measures such as this generally give a fairly high success rate reaching 80-90% and generally rarely until a patient to require a second operation. However, even so, there is still the possibility of repeated retinal tears / detachments if you do not do the right recommendations postoperatively or there is further retinal damage that causes the retina to not be repaired optimally even though surgery has been performed. Errors in sangta operative actions rarely cause recurring tears.

Therefore, if you experience repeated tears, you should consult with your ophthalmologist to determine further therapy that should be done.

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