Causes Right Eye To Shrink?

Illustration of Causes Right Eye To Shrink?
Illustration: Causes Right Eye To Shrink?

At night, so when I was in school my eye was swollen next to the bottom udh 7 days it was not flat u0026sup2; then at the same mmh I was squeezed and the liquid came out, and it was flat, but after that my eyes became small on the right side, why is that? I was afraid that it would eventually close

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Complaints of eye size that are not symmetrical after swelling, may occur due to the influence of squeezing during the inflammation process. When squeezed, a wound is formed which then when healed, becomes scar tissue that presses on the eyelid and makes the size of the eye appear asymmetrical. This is not dangerous, and will not increase even if no special handling is given.

Even so, it needs to be ascertained whether the condition that you are experiencing is purely due to this or is there another influence of conditions, such as fluid buildup, blockage of certain glands in the eyelid or growth of abnormal tissue. To ensure this, a direct inspection is absolutely necessary to avoid misunderstanding. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your ophthalmologist to confirm the condition and determine the best treatment. Treatment options vary, from drops to medication, to medications, to surgery depending on the conclusion of the disease. Regarding surgery, this should not be done if you are not pleased and as long as there are no lumps that enlarge quickly, but you still need to be checked first.

Meanwhile, if the swelling still occurs, compress with a warm compress, don't rub your eyes, keep your hands clean, and see a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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