Causes Right-sided Headaches For Days?

Illustration of Causes Right-sided Headaches For Days?
Illustration: Causes Right-sided Headaches For Days?

I often experience right-sided headaches almost everyday … is this a dangerous disease …

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Although headaches are a fairly mild symptom, but if you feel headaches every day, of course not a normal thing. If you feel a headache every day, at least 15 consecutive days or more in a month, then you can be considered to have chronic headaches. This condition can even last for months, at least 3 months.

Right-sided headaches can be caused by so many things that are sometimes difficult to diagnose. Here are some causes that can be detected, namely:

 Chronic migraine: This type of migraine generally occurs in someone who has experienced a migraine before. Can be recognized by symptoms such as headaches on one or two sides of the head, throbbing sensations, and the possibility of causing moderate to severe pain. Chronic migraines can be triggered by routine physical activity. This condition may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light. Hemicrania continua: characterized by headaches on one side of the head, every day continuously with the intensity up and down. Can be accompanied by symptoms of watery or red eyes on the side that feels painful, nasal congestion or runny, decreased eyelids or enlarged pupils and feel tired. This headache will usually become more severe, with the appearance of migraine-like symptoms. Post-traumatic syndrome: Persistent headaches are likely to occur for a long period of time after head trauma. you should immediately consult a doctor for headaches as you feel this continually so that doctors can do a direct examination with a physical examination and additional examinations if needed such as rongen photos, CT-scan or MRI and blood tests depending on the doctor who examines you to find out the cause of the pain, so the doctor can give you the right handler.

There are several things you can do to reduce your headaches

 get enough rest with a duration of sleep 7-8 hours overnight try to sleep regularly avoid the suspected cause of your right headache avoid taking free drugs positive thinking eat regularly do not eat too late so we can give you info

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