Causes Shortness Of Breath And Feels Heavy

Illustration of Causes Shortness Of Breath And Feels Heavy
Illustration: Causes Shortness Of Breath And Feels Heavy

it’s been three days that my breathing feels heavy why should I go to the doctor immediately?

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heavy breathing that occurs in the body can occur anytime and anywhere. You can suddenly have difficulty breathing or be marked first with a disturbance in the body or pain. Well, in general, heavy breathing in the body is caused by several things in between:

having allergies: someone has an allergy in the form of dust. If he is in a very dusty room, the body will immediately react and the airways will start to be disrupted, can be caused by food allergies and cold temperatures
respiratory tract infections
muscle tension: by muscle tension, especially intercostal muscles. Muscle tension usually occurs when you stretch and pull the muscle, thus pressing the rib cage. In addition to chest tightness, causing difficulty in breathing and pain
heart disorders such as wind and arrhythmias

lung disorders such as asthma, pulmonary edema and ppok

panic attack

there are so many possible factors that cause a heavy chest if this you experience is very severe and accompanied by severe chest pain and often you can immediately consult a doctor to get a direct examination, by asking about your history, physical examination, and blood check, x-ray photos and ECG (heart record) if necessary so that the doctor gets the cause and give the right handler.

There are several things you can do:

wife is enough
stop smoking
if you are overweight or obese, make an effort to lose weight, for example by exercising and eating balanced nutritious food.
control stress by doing relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation.
do breathing exercises, this technique is effective enough to help ease heavy breathing due to panic attacks or disturbances.
stay away from exposure to substances or objects that can trigger allergies or irritation in the respiratory tract
drink lots of water at least 2 liters

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