Causes Shortness When Stressed And Crying Too Long?

Illustration of Causes Shortness When Stressed And Crying Too Long?
Illustration: Causes Shortness When Stressed And Crying Too Long?

Hello, I want to ask, from 3 months ago I often suddenly had shortness of breath, especially when I was stressed and when I cried for a long time I often had shortness of breath until it was very difficult to catch my breath, I heard a hink hink sound when I had difficulty taking a breath after being calmed by people around me then I can breathe slowly. Apart from that from a young age I often coughed when my nose was covered with a doll or after hugging a slightly dusty cat and before coughing I often had a wheezing until now, do I have asthma?

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Hello Shellyvia,

Asthma is a disease caused by chronic inflammation of the airways, characterized by narrowing and obstruction of the airways, swelling of the lining of the airways and excess mucus production. Asthma diagnosis is determined by the doctor who examines you based on anamnesis (interview) and physical examination. The main symptoms experienced by people with asthma are:

Shortness of breath followed by a wheezing sound (like giggling), especially when exhaling. The feeling of tightness can be followed by a feeling of chest tightness. When in a state of severe attack the patient is speechless. Chronic cough, which gets worse at night / dawn or when exposed to allergens (substances that trigger allergies) The symptoms above are usually triggered by a condition (cold, emotional stress, etc.), allergens (animal dander, mites, kapok, etc.), and other diseases (influenza, pneumonia, etc.). Usually there is a family history of atopic (dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma). To determine whether you have asthma or not, you should see your doctor immediately, especially when the tightness attack recurs. If asthma is true, the doctor will provide treatment in the form of administering a nebulizer (steam), inhalers / sprays containing beta 2 agonist drugs, anti-cholinergics, corticosteroid drugs, and giving oxygen if necessary. Investigations that may be done to establish asthma are spirometry (lung function tests), skin tests (to look for substances that cause allergies), and chest x-rays (to help rule out other lung diseases).

To prevent recurrent shortness of breath, you should avoid allergens as much as possible, clean the house and change bed linen regularly, avoid excess stress, consume nutritious foods, regularly exercise lightly.

That's the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful.

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